Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easing In (Part 3)

A vegan Christmas was just too sad to bear, so this past Christmas season, I allowed myself a potentially last meaty Christmas.  It's just not as much fun if I can't indulge in all the yummy goodness.  I didn't, however, stuff myself with meat.  Even though it'll be my last meaty Christmas, I do need to exercise some self-control, otherwise it'll defeat the "easing in" process and make the new vegan year even more difficult.  I loaded up on all the veggies and had only small, "reasonable"portions of meats.  I'm talking like 2 oz or less of no more than 2 different meats.  Mmm hmm... *pat myself on the back* ^_~

Anyway, for actual Christmas dinner, the boyfriend and I did our grocery shopping at his favorite store: Costco.  @_@  Don't get me wrong, I love Costco too and I'm often the one who needs to be held back at our Costco visits.  But this year, we decided to have a very small, intimate Christmas dinner for two.  For such a small dinner, Costco can be very dangerous for a compulsive grocery shopper like myself.  I was craving a beef rib roast, but I can't make it with anything smaller than 2 rib roast.  That's a 5 lb hunk-o-meat right there!  Yeah, there'll be leftovers, but we'll be eating meat for days afterwards and that's again not the point of the "easing in" process.

See, now I have a moral dilemma.  Should I give myself the last hurrah I wanted and satisfy my craving or should I stick to my plan and find something else.  This is a huge decision for me, because those who know me know that I DO NOT deny myself ANY food that I desire.  However, I was a good girl and decided that a good alternative would be a rack of lamb.  I can still roast that sucker and I do love a good rack of lamb.  It's also small, so we could eat it all in one meal without feeling too stuffed.  Yes, I learned to exercise some self-control.  This is huge for me!

Here are some pictures of our humble Christmas dinner: herb-crusted roasted rack of lamb, sauteed spinach, grilled asparagus, an aged V. Sattui Cabernet Sauvignon and homemade apple pie.  We were both satisfied by our meal.  It was a lovely Christmas indeed.  :-D  Please excuse the ghetto candlestick holders.  I couldn't find the real ones. :(

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  1. Good on you for making such a huge change to your diet. It really is a lifestyle change, so it totally makes sense to ease into it gently - not just for the sake of your stomach, but your sanity as well. Christmas is really hard not to go overboard on food, but it looks like you've done really well there!